Are you ready for an unparalleled aviation and aerospace education?
Would you like to share your ideas with the world’s leading aviation experts? Do you dream of taking your place among these leaders?
Then you’re ready for the Ph.D. in Aviation program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Embry-Riddle is the first university to offer a Ph.D. in Aviation, and it has become the most intense and respected doctoral program in its field. As a program candidate, you will find yourself immersed in engaging courses, innovative academic research, and, of course, lots of airplanes.
In addition to advancing your credentials, expanding your network, and gaining valuable knowledge for your future, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conduct your own research alongside world leaders in aviation and aerospace education.
The program will test you. It will challenge you. And, ultimately, it will reward you with the opportunity to shape the world of aviation. 

Are you ready for an unparalleled aviation and aerospace education with a global perspective?

The Ph.D. in Aviation program prepares students to be the leaders and researchers in aviation and aerospace. What impact will you have on the future of the industry? 


About the Ph.D. in Aviation 

The mission of the Ph.D. in Aviation program is to produce outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching in the aviation fieldAt Embry-Riddle, Ph.D. in Aviation students take part in a rigorous, research-driven program that pushes them to their greatest potential

This is accomplished by focusing on Program Educational Goals. They are: 

  • Develop mastery of the central theories and concepts in the field of aviation, including foundations, safety management, economics, and regulatory procedures.
  • Pose and solve theory-based and research-based problems designed to advance applications in the field of aviation.
  • Extend the aviation body of knowledge by conceiving, planning, producing, and communicating original research.
  • Develop and demonstrate expertise in instructional processes.
  • Demonstrate leadership, collaboration, and communication necessary for scholarly work in aviation.


Program Structure

The program consists of 60 credit hours above a Master's degree, will come from online courses designed to provide Ph.D. students with Aviation knowledge in their selected specialization, dissertation work, and on campus residencies.


Students tailor the program to match their interests by choosing one of three specializations: Aviation Safety and Human Factors, Operations, or Intradisciplinary. Specializations allow students to focus their area of study with flexibility to explore broader interests.


Students are required to complete a minimum of three Residency seminars at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus during the program. Residencies are approximately one week long and occur in mid-August.

Qualifying Exam & Dissertation

After demonstrating a mastery of core and specialization subject matter by passing the Qualifying Examination, students can then begin the Dissertation, the culmination of studies as an Embry-Riddle student.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

For full consideration for the fall 2017 cohort:

  • February 1, 2017 

Online Information Sessions 

E-mail to register. All times are Eastern.

Check back soon for future events!

Online Courses (12 weeks)

  • September 7
  • January 7
  • May 7

Residency 2017

  • August 14-18

Faculty & Students

Our Faculty are World-Renowned Professors and Researchers

Embry-Riddle is the world’s largest aviation-oriented university and has extensive experience in graduate education and leading-edge research.

The Ph.D. in Aviation program draws its faculty from all three campuses of ERAU: Daytona Beach, Florida; Prescott, Arizona; and from the University’s Worldwide Campus.

The doctoral faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in aviation and closely related disciplines and in research methods. These faculty members have extensive teaching, research, and publication records in their disciplines. Faculty members also participate in professional development to build their skills as instructional designers and facilitators and work with exceptional instructional designers to develop rigorous, engaging, and meaningful courses. 

See our Faculty Bios


Your Journey to Scholarly Leadership Starts Here

We welcome you to apply to the Ph.D. in Aviation program. The Ph.D. application process is competitive, with limited positions in the program available. Students are admitted only during the fall term each year with the residency seminar occurring in August and the term beginning September 7.

The application package is considered an indication of your ability to perform in a challenging, professional environment. It should be carefully and thoroughly prepared. 

The Admissions Committee carefully considers all applications completed by February 1. 

Are you ready to become one of the world's leading authorities on aviation? Click the button below to begin the application process to be considered for the Ph.D. in Aviation program. 

How to Apply

To be considered for the Ph.D. in Aviation, students must prove themselves to be proficient, motivated, and experienced. To do so, they must write several essays, as well as meet educational requirements and have the recommendation of several respected professional and academic peers or mentors.

Admission Requirements

Once the application has been completed, the Ph.D. Admissions Committee will review the materials using predetermined standards and make admissions recommendations to the Chair of the Department of Doctoral Studies. Admissions requirements represent the minimum standards typically achieved by our students.

International Applicants

We welcome and encourage applicants from around the globe! Diversity of background, professions, and thought enrich our classes and the students' learning experience. Students outside of the United States must have their academic transcripts professionally evaluated and must demonstrate English proficiency.


Financials Made Easier

Earning a Ph.D. in Aviation from Embry-Riddle comes with costs, but we’ve worked to make it as easy as possible for students to receive assistance and pay for their tuition and other expenses.

Veterans are eligible to receive Financial Aid through several federal programs, and other students can receive aid from the government and private lenders.

We also break down the Estimated Cost of Attendance to see what expenses to expect during an online semester or on-campus residency.

Finally, we accept credit cards and personal checks as Payment Options, which can be made online, by mail, or by telephone call.

Many students successfully earn financial assistance from external organizations in the form of tuition assistance, scholarships, and grants. 

We're here to help answer any questions you might have about financing your education at Embry-Riddle. If you need assistance, click the button below to contact us.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for students wishing to pursue the doctoral program to help meet educational costs via a number of programs.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

We break down the semester costs associated with working toward your Ph.D. in Aviation, whether paying tuition for terms or for the annual residencies.

Payment Options

For your convenience, students can pay tuition and fees with a credit card or personal check, and payments can be made online, by telephone, or by mail.